About Us

Who We Are

StartSpark is a national initiative powered by LAUNCH, a non-profit organization located in Chattanooga, Tennessee focused on empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs locally, regionally, and nationally.

Using the success of the Chattanooga programs, StartSpark can provide the tools to grow entrepreneurship into every corner of your community, as well as, partner organizations to learn and grow along side.

What We Do

StartSpark is a network of organizations focused on addressing common issues, such as, racial equity, small business creation, wealth-building, economic development.

We partner with these organizations in their startup phase by providing training, coaching, and tools to help them build strong entrepreneur support organizations in their own cities. We also form a learning community so that the information we share from our work in various cities benefits the entire network.

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Who We Serve

StartSpark exists to provide ecosystem builders with the tools they need to change the face of entrepreneurship in their community.


Great business ideas are forming in every corner of our nation, and we are here to help your organization empower businesses to the fullest.

See What Our Partners are Saying

Chuck Morse

Executive Director, Thrive New Orleans

“As a member of the StartSpark Network our organization is stronger, our team is wiser, and our work more inspired. But most importantly, we’re able to equip, connect, and empower New Orleans’ small businesses in more meaningful ways.”

Rhonnie Brewer

CEO, ProGeny Place

“Having the interconnectivity of the StartSpark Network has really helped fine tune and strengthened the resource that ProGeny Place can be for our participants. Being able to reach out to other members in the network and visit their locations broadens the perspective of what’s really possible and what we can do for our starters.”

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100 Cherokee Blvd #2103, Chattanooga, TN 37405

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Hal Bowling:
(423) 523-9307